39th STUDENT ACADEMY AWARD                  ALTERNATIVE FILM FINALIST                                  





After nearly two centuries of revolution, China faces the dilemma of a spiritual wasteland without faith and without a cultural base to let our souls settle down. The social ills, which stem from the loss of traditional culture, abound in China. Terra-Cotta Warrior was designed as a kind of succinct review of Chinese modern cultural history. The warrior’s encounters and tribulations dramatically allude to what China has experienced in the past almost 200 years. The film explores the crucial causes of Chinese hardships by presenting the cultural-historical context through fantastic means. The technique utilized consists of interplay between pixilationation and live action. Pixilation can give life to fantastic details in a very stylistic manner, and the live action portions are necessary for realistic visual stimulation. The coordination of genre, theme and technique offers viewers a unique entertaining experience and also stimulates deep thought and concern.  - Bin Li Thesis