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Film Scores


Film Scores


Action/ Thriller/Suspense







"Re÷belief", is a 3D Printed, hand crafted, zoetropic short-film that asks if recalling memories can break a cycle. A Graduate Student produced Thesis, completed for the MFA in Film and Animation Program at Rochester Institute of Technology's School of Film and Animation. 

Film by: Raymond McCarthy Bergeron
Original Music Score: Stephen J. Bullen
Model Artist (Physical): Brett Wilson
Sound: Maria Mejía-Yepes
Character Design: Gloria Arteaga
Voice Actors: Colleen Horan, Alex Bone


Festivals & Awards

 Honorable Mention – After Hours Film Society 2015, Say It In Eight Student Film Festival – May 17, 2015 (Downers Grove, Illinois)

 Honorable Mention (Student Category) – ASIFA-East Animation Festival – May 17, 2015 (New York City, New York)

 Best Experimental – Sunset Film Festival – May 16 – 17, 2015 (Los Angeles, California)

 3rd Place Experimental Short Film Competition- International Animation Festival Chilemonos – May 5 – 10, 2015 (Santiago, Chile)

 Jury Award for Creative Achievement – Arizona International Film Festival – April 9 – 26, 2015 (Tucson, Arizona)

 Best Animated Short – Plum Tuckered Film Festival – April 25, 2015 (Thomas, West Virginia)

 Remi Gold Award – WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival – April 10 – 19, 2015 (Houston, Texas)

 Best Experimental – Living Skies Student Film Festival – March 6 – 7, 2015 (Saskatchewan, Canada)

 Best Animated Short – Big Muddy Film Festival – February 24 – March 1, 2015 (Carbondale, Illinois)

 Design/Look Development Award Commendation – Animex Awards – February 9 – 13, 2015 (Middlesbrough, United Kingdom)

 Silver Telly in ‘Film/Video – Non-Broadcast Productions – Student’ Category – 36th Annual Telly Awards

 Gold Award in Animation Category – 2014 Pixie Awards


For more information please check out the official film site at SPUNKYDDOG





When Hawa realizes getting a baby is no more a priority for her infertile husband Kader, she not only starts to question the purpose of their 10 years of marriage, but ultimately what is in there for her. One woman. One man. One dream. Or, maybe not...

Director: Arzouma Kompaore
Cinematographer: Tom Atwell
Composer: Stephen Bullen

Pascal Atuma
Annette Eko
Best Batchateu

For More Information Check Out A Free Film

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Plastic Glory

Plastic Glory



Plastic can mean either the material of toys or other objects, or the meaning of the word "fake".

The main story of Plastic Glory is about "plastic" soldiers who die for a "glory" that is "fake". It is fake because it promises that soldiers die only when necessary, for the glory of their country. But what happens is that soldiers always die, unfortunately only for the glory of those who control them and, in the most cases, care more about getting promoted than choosing to keep their troops alive. The film is about plastic toy soldiers in battle, firing at each other, bombing each other in a way that mimics real battles and wars, only without blood, smoke or fire. Such an approach makes more room for the imagination of the audience where they can fill in what they do not see with what they know and perceive. It also makes the film appropriate for kids to watch, while safely passing the idea to them that war is merely a mean killing machine. And the most unfortunate victims of the violence that is delivered through the toy soldiers are the kids. - Ihab Mardini Thesis Abstract

Director: Ihab Mardini
Composer: Stephen Bullen
Sound Design: Alex Montoya
Credit Design: Raymond McCarthy Bergeron


Official Festival Selections for Plastic Glory:
o    Hollywood North Film Festival – 2015 - Official Selection
o    Catalyst Communities Film Festival Official Selection
o    Student Art Festival – 2015 – Official Selection
o    The Monthly Film Festival – 2015 – Official Selection
o    Digital Griffix Online Film Festival –2015
o    Goa Short Film Festival –2015
o    Grad Symposium Presenter Award –2015
o    Athens ANIMFEST –2015
o    Grad Research Exhibition in RIT - 2015
o    Show Me Justice Film Festival –2015
o    RIT Honors Show 2014 – Official Selection
o    Universe Multicultural Film Festival –2014
o    Hamilton Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection
o    CORFU Animation Festival 2014 – Official Selection
o    Anim’est Int Animation Film Fest 2014 – Official Sel
o    Opificer Media Student Film Festival – 2014 Official Sel
o    Sansueña film festival – 2014 – Official Selection
o    Indyoh film festivl - 2014 – Official Selection
o    Anim Arte 2014 - Official Selection
o    Films Open Mic 2014 - Official Selection
o    IMA Int. Film Festival India 2014 - Official Selection
o    4th Pune Short Film Festival 2014 - Official Selection
o    Access Code Film Festival 2014 - Official Selection
o    TOFF The Online Film Festival 2014 - Official Selection
o    CINEFEST Global 2014 - Official Selection
o    FIC Puebla 2014 - Official Selection

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Special Agent Ivan Thompson mission must extract a high profile target from Russian mercenaries. 

Director: Mark Logan
Cinematography: Kerin Sharma
Composer: Stephen Bullen
Editor: Doug Lane
Ivan: James Davall
Nikolai: Allan Krise
Jack: Kim L. Hubbard

1Terra Cottta Warrior.jpg

Terra Cotta Warrior

Terra Cotta Warrior



           39th STUDENT ACADEMY AWARD                  ALTERNATIVE FILM FINALIST                                  





After nearly two centuries of revolution, China faces the dilemma of a spiritual wasteland without faith and without a cultural base to let our souls settle down. The social ills, which stem from the loss of traditional culture, abound in China. Terra-Cotta Warrior was designed as a kind of succinct review of Chinese modern cultural history. The warrior’s encounters and tribulations dramatically allude to what China has experienced in the past almost 200 years. The film explores the crucial causes of Chinese hardships by presenting the cultural-historical context through fantastic means. The technique utilized consists of interplay between pixilationation and live action. Pixilation can give life to fantastic details in a very stylistic manner, and the live action portions are necessary for realistic visual stimulation. The coordination of genre, theme and technique offers viewers a unique entertaining experience and also stimulates deep thought and concern.  - Bin Li Thesis

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Forsaken Fortress

Forsaken Fortress

Game music credits


Forsaken Fortress Strategy is a survival strategy game focused on base building and scavenging. You need to lead your survivors squad to explore the world, scavenge for resources, build your own base, produce food, make weapons and armors, maintain temperature and fend of enemy attacks etc.  You also need to monitor the status of your survivors such as hunger, sleep,injury, wellness and make sure you fulfill their needs. 

Surviving in this world will be a great challenge.